Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most commonly asked questions about TacBoard?

Watch this video to find out.

What is TacBoard? 😀

TacBoard™ is the easiest way to collect guests' photos of your entire wedding journey. 🤗

How does TacBoard work? 🤔

When you purchase a gallery, you receive a unique phone number and unique URL to access the gallery. You’ll then share that unique phone number with loved ones, BFF’s and wedding guests 💕, who will text 💬 photos (and captions) during all of your wedding journey events to that unique phone number. Those photos and captions will instantly feed into your online photo gallery.

Why should I pay for TacBoard when there are cheaper alternatives and free services out there? 😕

Sure, there are services out there that are marketed as free, but these services are often misleading 🤥. It’s free to sign up, you use their service, and then you’re surprised when you have to pay a fee to download your photos or pay to have advertisements removed 🚨 from your gallery 😤. The only surprise TacBoard will deliver to you are photos from your guests of moments you didn’t expect to see 🤗 (see testimonials).

As for free services, they often come with limitations. For example, using a wedding hashtag is free, but (1) you can’t download your photos 😩; (2) you risk having your pictures mixed in with wedding photos that used the same hashtag as you 😬; and (3) strangers can comment on your wedding photos 😳.

When it comes to pricing, TacBoard is transparent 💖. We’re up-front with you. It’s a one-time fee and you’ll receive your very own unique phone number + private photo gallery + 25 table cards 🎁. And here’s what else you’ll receive: (a) Unlimited Photos; (b) Free Photo Downloads; (c) Gallery Lasts Forever; (d) 17 Gallery Themes 🎨; (e) Live Display Feature.

And finally, your guests will not have to download an app 😉, so it’s easy for them to contribute their pictures which means you’ll get more photos from your guests.

Have a question, want to learn more, or continue the discussion? Feel free to contact or call (or text) 704.840.5954.

What exactly is a wedding journey?

Every event from engagement to reception: Engagement Party 💍, Yes to the Dress 👗, Bridal Shower 🎉, Bachelorette Party 🍾, Rehearsal Dinner 🍽, Getting Ready 👰🏽, Ceremony 💒, and Reception 🍻.

I see...I can use TacBoard for more than just my wedding. Next question: I’m literally not getting married for another 11 months ⏳. When can I sign up?

Yes and right this very minute - sign up today and begin using it immediately! Upon purchasing a gallery, you will receive your unique phone number and unique URL to access your gallery 💻. Many engaged couples enjoy using TacBoard to visually document their entire wedding journey, from dress fittings to their bridal shower and all the way up to the rehearsal dinner, wedding, and reception 🎊.

Sooo…when does my unique phone number expire?

30 days after your wedding date ⏲. At that point guests can no longer text photos or messages to your wedding gallery.

Sooo…what about my wedding photo gallery, when does that expire?

Your gallery will last forever, 🕰 so you will always be able to view your gallery on any phone / tablet / laptop or share it with loved ones 💞. On top of that, you can download your photos! 📥

How do I sign up / create an account?

Go to 📲 and click on “Create Gallery” at the top-right of the page. You’ll be prompted to provide your name and email address or you can simply sign up with Facebook.

How do I access my wedding gallery?

After logging in 👩🏽‍💻, you will automatically be taken to your control panel and will see the gallery you have created. Simply click on the gallery you’d like to access.

I’ve purchased my wedding photo gallery. What do I do now?

We suggest that you do the following:

Familiarize Yourself with TacBoard 😉: Text some photos & messages to your gallery 💬. Test it out as much as you’d like. Remember, you can delete pictures at anytime by going into your Queue (watch how-to video 🎥).

Review TacBoard User Guide: Give it a quick glance if you’d like a visual on how to download a photo, display your gallery live, & more (go to User Guide 🤓)!

What is the best way to share my gallery’s phone number with guests? 💝

What does work 😃: A combination of the following actions:

Place the phone number on a sign at the guestbook table, the bar, or entrance of the reception venue. 😎

Easily share the phone number through the TacBoard platform by texting the number 💌 to them (watch how-to video 🎥).

Placing table-top cards around your reception venue (ie. guest tables, the bar, and guestbook table).

What does not work 😮: Only mentioning the gallery’s phone number on your wedding website. 🙄

Using TacBoard is easy and the more guests are aware of it, the more photos you’ll find in your gallery! 💯


My friends did the whole hashtag thing. Sooo...why should I use TacBoard?

I'm sure they got great pictures, but unfortunately they can't download them. Also, since they used a hashtag, anyone can view their photos or add new ones...yes, anyone. With TacBoard, you'll easily be able to download photos. Plus TacBoard is exclusive and private. So you can control who sees your gallery and you can delete any pictures you don't want. AND, because TacBoard is so easy for everyone to use, you'll get a lot more photos!

Do I have to pay extra to download photos from my gallery?

No, you do not have to pay extra to download your photos.

Who can view our wedding gallery?

Anyone you share the gallery's link with or any guest that texted a photo to your gallery can view it.

Why should my fiancé/fiancée and I use TacBoard?

Reason 1: You know how 50+ people took photos on their phone at your event, but never sent them to you? TacBoard solves that problem by providing one central location for your wedding photos.

Reason 2: Inclusion. No one should be left out of the fun! Everyone knows how to text and we want your parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents to contribute photos and messages from your wedding and reception if they’d like!

Reason 3: The “Guest Experience” is now more important than ever! None of your guests have to deal with the hassle of downloading an app! So what does that mean? It means more photos from your guests of those candid moments that the photographer missed!

Why don’t I just use a #hashtag?

We love Instagram, but below are a few issues you will run into:

Not all of your wedding guests have Instagram.

Other couples may use the same hashtag - just because no one else is now doesn’t mean you wont find another wedding’s photos fixed in with yours in the near future.

You cannot download the photos from Instagram.

Your photos will be available to the public.

What types of events is TacBoard used for?

TacBoard was originally made for weddings, but also works great for events such as Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, galas, fundraisers, or corporate events.

I'm having a destination wedding outside of the United States. Can my guests and I use TacBoard there?

You can view your gallery from anywhere with internet access, but unfortunately TacBoard only generates US-based phone numbers so pictures and messages cannot be sent to your gallery's phone number from outside the 50 states. This is due to our service not accepting multimedia content from a mobile phone over cellular networks outside of the United States. But you can always ask your guests to text their photos and heartfelt notes to you upon their return to the US from your destination wedding!

What does “tac” mean? Shouldn’t it be spelled “tack?” You guys are lame and can’t spell.

Thank you for the compliment. “Tac” means fasten, affix, or secure. So tac a photo, caption, or message to your gallery, k?

Managing Photos and Messages

I’m concerned about a guest posting vulgar language, vulgar images, and mean messages in my gallery. What actions have you taken to deal with this?

TacBoard has integrated powerful image analysis and word detection to catch any vulgar language or images. Additionally, you can block specific users from making future posts. If an image or message you don't like does get posted in your gallery, you can easily delete them.


What can I do with TacBoard prior to my wedding?

If you’d like to have guests send photos to the gallery prior to your wedding, then you should invite guests to the gallery in advance by distributing the unique phone number to them. In doing so, there may be anywhere from 5 to 100+ photos and/or messages in the gallery at the beginning of the wedding/reception!

Can you give an example?

Sure. If Kate is getting married 7 months from now, she and her friends, family, and guests can contribute photos to her gallery during her dress fittings, bridal shower, bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, wedding and wedding reception.

How would Kate invite those guests?

By sending the wedding gallery’s unique phone number to her guests in a text message, email, or some fancy notecards. Notecards can be placed around your venue to really get guests involved.

During the Wedding and Reception

How do guests start contributing photos and messages to my gallery at my event?

Your guests simply text a photo or message to the wedding gallery’s phone number.

Can I delete photos and messages if I decide I do not want them on my gallery?

Yes, you can delete photos and messages at any time from your gallery’s "queue", which can be easily accessed from your phone.

I see guests' names underneath their photos in the sample gallery. How does that happen?

When a guest texts a photo to your wedding gallery, they automatically receive a response via text message requesting their name. It says, Please reply with # followed by your FULL NAME. Example: #John Doe). The guest only replies once with their name. Every photo they send to your gallery moving forward will automatically have their name underneath it.

Hmmm...what if I want to change my name underneath my photos from "Jennifer" to "Jen?"

No problem! Simply text "#Jen" to the wedding gallery's phone number.


How do I view my gallery after my wedding?

Go to the gallery’s link found on the details page and view it on your phone, tablet, or laptop. This link will also be texted to you in response to the first photo or message you text to your gallery.

How do I share my gallery with guests after the wedding?

Easily share with friends and family by sending the gallery's link to them via email, text message, or on social media.

Is there any way to access all of my photos after my wedding other than viewing the gallery?

Yes, you can download your photos to your phone or computer.

Managing TacBoard

How do I sign up / create an account?

Go to and click on “Create Gallery” at the top of the page. You’ll be prompted to provide us with your name and email address or you can simply sign in with Facebook.

How do I log into my TacBoard account?

Go to and click on “Log In.” Keep in mind, only the person purchasing the gallery needs to create an account. There is no need for guests to create an account; they can simply text photos/messages to your wedding gallery’s phone number!

How do I access my wedding gallery?

After logging in, you will automatically be taken to your control panel and will see the gallery you have created. Simply click on the gallery you’d like to access.

Is TacBoard done when my wedding is over?

No. Your gallery's phone number will be de-activated 30 days after your wedding date. At that point guests can no longer text photos or messages to your wedding gallery. But your gallery will last forever, so you will always be able to download, share or view it on any phone, tablet, or laptop.

Have other questions? Please contact us at:   or   704.840.5954