Frequently Asked Questions

What type of events is TacBoard used for?

TacBoard is perfect for events of 100+ guests, such as:
❶ Wedding Receptions
❷ Alumni Events / Class Reunions
❸ Sweet 16 / Quinceaneras
❹ Significant Birthday / Anniversary Parties
❺ Employee Appreciation Events
❻ Corporate Events
❼ Holiday Parties
❽ Bar / Bat Mitzvahs
❾ Fundraisers
❿ Galas

Okay, very cool! So how exactly does all of this work?

TacBoard activates the following for EACH EVENT: ❶ Unique Phone Number
❷ Live Photo Stream
❸ Online Gallery

SETUP: On the day of the event, you would: ❶ Set up a projector
❷ Log into your TacBoard account
❸ Select the “Display Live” button to run the Live Photo Stream

Why can't I just use the same Unique Phone Number / Live Photo Stream / Online Gallery for every event I produce?

To protect the privacy of each Online Gallery Link associated with its Unique Phone Number & Live Photo Stream.

What does TacBoard provide and what equipment do I provide for a client's Live Photo Stream package?

TacBoard provides the following:
❶ Unique Phone Number
❷ Live Photo Stream
❸ Online Gallery
❹ Content Filter
❺ Sign Shop
❻ Custom Branding *Additional fee applies
Equipment you provide:
❶ Projector and Screen (or Flat Screen Monitors)
❷ Wi-Fi Access (and Laptop)
❸ Setup and Breakdown

Before the Event: Setup

How do I set it up?

❶ Connect a Wi-Fi enabled laptop to a projector (or big screen TV).
❷ On the laptop, access the venue’s Wi-Fi.
❸ While logged into the TacBoard account, select the “Display Live” button.

After the Event: Photo Downloads

What happens after the event? How does my client get their photos?

After the event, you will be able to easily share the photos with your client by providing them with their download link, which you can generate for them with one click.

Live Photo Stream FAQs

How does TacBoard work? 🤔

❶ TacBoard creates a unique phone number for an event.
❷ Your guests text the photos they take during your event to that phone number.
❸ Those photos then instantly feed into the Live Photo Stream 📽️ (and online photo gallery).

What happens when a guest texts a photo to the event's phone number? 😀

❶ When a guest texts a photo to the event’s phone number, it pops up on the big screen TV (or projector).
❷ Your photos will scroll vertically on the screen in an infinite loop for all-night entertainment.🤗

What are some Live Photo Stream “Tips for Success?”

❶ IMPORTANT: Ensure your venue has adequate Wi-Fi.
Please use Chrome or Edge (recommended on Windows 10) as your browser and close out all other tabs for optimal performance. Please DO NOT use Internet Explorer as your browser.
❸ Test it out in advance.

I’m concerned about a guest posting an inappropriate image or message in my gallery. Will they appear on my Live Photo Stream? That would be embarrassing. 😳

Our content filter will recognize and flag negative language, photos and context before they enter your gallery. ⚠️ Flagged items will enter a queue where you can delete or approve them as well as block a sender.

My reception is in a remote location ⛰️ and the cell phone reception at my venue has terrible signal. Can I still use Live Photo Stream?

No. In order for you and your guests to send / text photo messages, your venue will need to have reliable cell phone reception. 📶

Can I view Live Photo Stream on my phone?

No, Live Photo Stream can only be viewed on your laptop (and big screen TV or projector when connected to a laptop with an HDMI cable).

Live Photo Stream Set Up FAQs

What equipment do I need and how do I set up Live Photo Stream?

Here's what you'd need to run Live Photo Stream:
❶ Big screen TV (or projector). 📺 📽️
❷ Laptop with Wi-Fi so you can log into your TacBoard account and select the "Live" button. 💻
❸ HDMI cable to connect your laptop to the big screen TV (or projector).

My venue has spotty Wi-Fi or no Wi-Fi at all. Is there anything I can do to get a Wi-Fi signal at my venue so I can use Live Photo Stream?

You can try using a hotspot or jetpack to get a Wi-Fi signal, but we strongly encourage you to test these options at your venue to gauge the Wi-Fi signal strength that your hotspot or jetpack produces.

I tested out Live Photo Stream and it took a while for my photo to pop up on the screen. Why is that?

This is due to a weak Wi-Fi signal at your venue.

Can I use an iPad instead of a laptop to run Live Photo Stream?

No, you’ll have to use a laptop and connect your laptop to a big screen TV (or projector) with an HDMI cable.

Can I use a Smart TV to run Live Photo Stream?

We strongly recommend that you DO NOT use a Smart TV’s built-in browser. They are not very powerful and will freeze up on you. Keep in mind, the more photos contributed to your gallery, the more memory (power) you will need from your browser.

We recommend that you connect your laptop to a big screen TV (or projector) with an HDMI cable. Also, please use Chrome or Edge (recommended on Windows 10) as your browser for optimal performance.

Can I tap something on my phone and then Live Photo Stream will appear on the big screen TV (or projector)?

No, you have to select “Live” on your laptop to run Live Photo Stream. Your laptop must be connected to a big screen TV (or projector) with an HDMI cable. Please ensure you have adequate Wi-Fi in your venue and you’re using Chrome or Edge (recommended on Windows 10) as your browser.

Will you provide us with the equipment to run Live Photo Stream? Will you come set up Live Display for us?

No, we do not provide you with the equipment to run Live Photo Stream and we will not come set up Live Photo Stream for you.

General FAQs

What is the image quality of a photo sent to TacBoard?

If you would like to test TacBoard out, please feel free to text a photo to 202.517.0292 and then visit this link - so you can view the gallery and download it to see the quality.

I'm having a destination wedding outside of the United States. 🌎 Can my guests and I use TacBoard there?

No, TacBoard can only be used in the 50 states.

How do guests start contributing photos and messages to my gallery at my event?

Your guests simply text a photo or message to the wedding gallery’s phone number.

I see guests' names underneath their photos in the sample gallery. How does that happen?

When a guest texts a photo to your wedding gallery, they automatically receive a response via text message requesting their name. It says, Please reply with @ followed by your FULL NAME. Example: @John Doe). The guest only replies once with their name. Every photo they send to your gallery moving forward will automatically have their name underneath it.

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