Re-live Your Wedding Through The Eyes Of Those Who Love You Most. Easily Gather Your Wedding Guests' Photos
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What is TacBoard?

TacBoard is a wedding photo gallery with its own phone number. Wedding guests simply text photos they take to your gallery’s unique phone number and those photos instantly feed into your private online gallery.

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Collect 100s of Photos

The average TacBoard gallery will collect over 300 photos!

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Fun & Easy For Everyone

Because there's no app to download, all your guests can share photos right away.

Scavenger Hunt

Instantly See Photos

No waiting - view and share wedding photos instantly!

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You can download the photos that your guests contributed to your wedding gallery.



Can't download your photos. Do you really want to keep screenshotting those pics your guests contributed?

PhD In Privacy


A private online wedding gallery, so it's up to the bride and groom who gets to view the pictures from their wedding.



Anybody can view you your photos - Hello, Mr. Creepy Creeperson, welcome to my wedding! Plus, anybody can add other photos using that hashtag #NotCool.



Your wedding photo gallery contains only those pictures from your wedding!



Yikes, your photos may get mixed in with pics from 5 to 10 other weddings that used the same hashtag! #WhoAreTheseRandomPeopleMixedInWithMyPhotos.

Easy Breezy


You'll get more photos because every guest from young to old can easily text in their photos to your wedding gallery.



Ummm...does anyone remember what that super-long, tacky hashtag was? Does "purr" have one "r" or two "r's”? How do you spell “hubby?” Why is “Be” missing an “e”? #SallysHubbie2BMakesHurrHeartPurr

How TacBoard Works

Step 1: Create a Gallery

Create a gallery and TacBoard will instantly assign it a unique phone number .

Step 2: Share Your Gallery's Phone Number

You can share your gallery's phone number with your wedding guests any way you'd like - social media , email , text , wedding invitation or table-top cards.

Step 3: Guests Text Photos

Guests simply text photos to your gallery’s phone number. Those photos are instantly added to your gallery. Guests can also text heartfelt notes to your gallery.

TacBoard Gallery
We LOVED how fast we were able to view all of the pictures our wedding guests uploaded. We are so grateful to have all of these memories. Many of the pictures we may have never seen, so thank you TacBoard for making this possible!
Alexis P.
Bride, Pittsburgh, PA
Tacboard is great! Fun and easy to use! Our guests loved it.
Jenn and Todd L.
Newlyweds, Chicago, IL
Almost everyone from young to old knows how to text. It seemed like an easy way to get our guests to contribute their perspective from the day! Indeed, it turned out to be just that.
Alexandra G.
Bride, Cambridge, MA
Super easy to use! We got a bunch of fun pics from friends and family and had a wedding album to look at right away after our reception!
Deb R.
Bride, Charlotte, NC
TacBoard works like a charm! I love this service so much. It's the perfect solution for organizing all those valuable candid photos your guests are going to take on your wedding day.
Kara Lamerato
Producer & Host, San Diego, CA
Wedding Planning Podcast
I love the fact that guests could upload all of the candid photos that the photographer might miss. Best idea ever!
Mother of Groom, Milwaukee, WI

TacBoard Features

Sharing your gallery's number is easy with table-top cards!

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Start documenting your wedding journey today! From your dress fittings to your bridal shower and all the way up to your big day!

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Unlimited Photos & Notes

  • Up to 400 Guests
  • Unlimited Photos
  • Photo Downloads
  • Unique Phone Number
  • Unique Link to View/Share
  • Gallery That Lasts Forever
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Table-top cards available at checkout see cards

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