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What is TacBoard?

TacBoard is an online wedding photo gallery with its own phone number. Wedding guests simply text the photos they take while celebrating your big day to your gallery’s unique phone number and those photos instantly feed into your gallery.

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The Evolution of Crowdsourced Wedding Photography


Disposable Cameras

Guests use disposable cameras placed on each table during wedding reception.

— What else happened in 1992? —“Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-A-Lot hits #1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100.


Mobile Apps

Guests download mobile apps and sign in to contribute their wedding photos.

— What else happened in 2008? —Slumdog Millionaire hits box office and 8 months later wins Oscar.


Instagram Hashtags

Guests add wedding hashtags to the pictures they take with the Instagram app

— What else happened in 2011? —“Rolling in the Deep” by Adele is Billboard’s Single of Year.


TacBoard Galleries

Guests simply text photos they take on their phones to a unique phone number, which instantly feed the photos into an online gallery.

How TacBoard Works

Why TacBoard was created.

Step 1: Create a Gallery

Create a gallery at TacBoard.com.

TacBoard will instantly assign your gallery its own unique phone number.

Step 2: Share Your Gallery's Phone Number

You can share your gallery's phone number with your wedding guests any way you'd like - social media, email, text, wedding invitation or table-top cards.

Ways to share your TacBoard Phone Number

What do my guests do?

Guests Send Text Messages

Guests simply text photos to your gallery’s phone number. Those photos are instantly added to your gallery. Guests can also text heartfelt notes to your gallery.

TacBoard Gallery

What does a gallery look like? View Gallery

Wedding Guest Photo Challenge

Want to give your wedding guests a few fun photo ideas? When you sign up we'll send you a free, printable PDF of this sign with your gallery's phone number on it.

TacBoard Wedding Guest Photo Challenge

No App Needed

We’ve made it as easy as possible for your guests to add their photos to your gallery so you wont miss out on those candid moments!

Unique Number

Receive your unique phone number as soon as you sign up and keep it until 30 days after your wedding.

Lasts Forever

Your gallery will last forever so you and your family can view it tomorrow or years from now.

Download Photos

Download any photo you want from your gallery at the original, high-quality in which it was taken.

Easy to Share

Easily share your entire gallery or individual photos by text, email or social media.

Love Notes

Your wedding guests can easily write you heartfelt messages with a simple text message.

Gallery Themes

Give your gallery some style when you choose one of the many elegant gallery themes.

Message Screening

TacBoard analyzes every photo and message to detect inappropriate content and will hold them for review if flagged.

Display Live

Connect to a projector or TV at your event to watch your gallery update live as your guests send in photos.

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Packages & Pricing

Create a gallery now and start documenting your wedding journey today, from your dress fittings to your bridal shower and all the way up to your big day!

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  • Up to 400 Guests
  • Original High-Quality Downloads
  • Unique Phone Number
  • Unique Link to View/Share Gallery
  • Gallery That Lasts Forever
  • Live Slideshow Capability
  • Inappropriate Content Filtering
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